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1 Car door Sticker (55x16mm)

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Car Stickers - Name Stickers & Labels

Finally my own car!

Every child looks forward to growing up. Because: What is allowed as soon as you are grown up? - Exactly: driving a car. That's why we have the individually customisable Highway with cool and varied cars, such as the tow truck with name sticker trailer and the fire engine car as sticker.


3 different car stickers that can be brought in different orders:

1 tow car (10.2 x 30.4 cm) with trailer that can be personalized

1 fire truck (10.6 x 30.4 cm)

1 brown car (8.7 x 26.9 cm)


Door decoration can be created individually through different combination of the stickers

- Multiple usage and easily removable without residues

- The street can be cut by a scissor to adapt it to the size of the door

Hint: Can also be used as wall or room decoration?

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