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1 Horse door stickers (55x16mm)

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Horse Stickers - Door Stickers

Animals are loved by every girl, especially of course horses.

Above all, of course, the horses. So you don't even have to ask who wants a horse mother with her foal as a name sticker on the room door, because the answer is clear: Every girl wants that. Especially if you can label the stable with your own name, it can hardly get any better. The labels are multi-adhesive!


Door sticker with different elements that can be placed in many different ways.:

1 horse mother in the stable with 3 butterflies (31.3 x 21.5 cm) personalisizable

1 foal with a butterfly (22.8 x 15.5 cm)

1 flying butterfly (4.5 x 4.5 cm)

1 sitting butterfly (4 x 3.8 cm)

3 big hearts (2 x 2 cm)

4 small hearts (1.7 x 1.7 cm)


- Door decoration can be created individually through different combination of the stickers

- Multiple usage and easily removable without residues

Hint: Can also be used as wall or room decoration?


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