Holographic decorative stickers - Unicorn

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Holographic decorative stickers - Unicorn

Sparkling and cute unicorns for everyone

You love everything that sparkles and shines and are a fan of unicorns and other mythical creatures? Then our Unicorn stickers are just the thing for you or your child!

Our Rainbow Stickers are filled with bright, holographic designs that will make any unicorn lover's heart skip a beat. From enchanting unicorns and glowing rainbows to twinkling stars, Stickerella's decorative stickers will enchant practically anything: from books, pens, rulers, lunchboxes, Tupperware, water bottles and cell phone cases to your child's room, desk, bedroom door and more. The applications are as varied as the designs themselves. They're easy to use and, thanks to their high-quality finish, they'll hold up on surfaces that see more frequent use.

Our brand new, high-quality holographic foil has a beautiful shiny effect and changes color depending on the light, creating a motley rainbow effect.
The stickers are ideal for school-aged children, but of course also for adult Unicorn lovers. Our stickers are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Contents: 23 decoration stickers in different sizes
Quality: Waterproof, dishwasher and dryer safe

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