Globi Winter

12 personalizable Sticker

Content: 2 Globi Winter, 2 Globi Winter, 2 Globi Winter, 6 Globi Winter

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2 Globi Winter (55x16mm)

6 Globi Winter (25x25mm)

2 Globi Winter (55x16mm)

2 Globi Winter (25x25mm)

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Globi Winter Stickers - Name Labels & Stickers


Globi is a big sports fan.

Globi knows every child in Switzerland. Now you can order it from us in the form of individual winter sports name stickers!

With these practical stickers in the Globi look all start perfectly into the next winter holidays and/or are suitably equipped for the kindergarten - and beginning of school.

The stickers not only defy snow and water, but also dishwasher, dryer and microwave.

Contains: 24 personalized name labels in two different sizes, and four Globi stickers.
Quality: Water-proof, washing machine- and dishwasher-proof. To prevent abrasion (e.g. in shoes) you're able to order transparent guard-stickers here.
Size: see preview
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