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Creative Kids self-adhesive drawing paper

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Self-adhesive coloring pad - creativity without limits and residue-free

Making drawing even more fun

The specially developed Creative Kids drawing pad from Elco AG makes children's hearts beat faster. The drawing paper can be effortlessly attached to any surface - whether on the wall, chest of drawers and fridge or on the window and floor. Perfect for at home, when traveling, on the train, etc.
The highlight: the A4 sheets can be removed without leaving any residue and can be repositioned again and again without leaving any marks.

Contents: 25 self-adhesive white A4 sheets as a coloring pad

Quality: Removable, leaves no residue

Features of the self-adhesive drawing pad

  • Easy to apply: The adhesive back of the drawing paper makes it child's play to attach to all smooth surfaces. No nails, no adhesive tape - just press on and you're done!

  • Removable without leaving any residue: No more worries about unsightly adhesive residue or damaged walls. The coloring paper can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving any marks.

  • Encourages creativity: Children love to design and embellish their surroundings. With the drawing paper, they can let their imagination run wild and create new works of art time and time again.

  • High quality: The drawing pad is made of sturdy paper that can be used with colored pencils, wooden pencils, wax crayons or felt-tip pens as well as watercolors.

  • Perfect for all ages: Whether your little ones are just starting to doodle or are already little artists - the coloring pad offers the ideal canvas for every age group.


Let your child transform the nursery or other rooms into a creative paradise or art gallery, without any glue residue etc. Let the little ones discover the world in their own colorful way - with our removable drawing pad! Perfect as a gift or as a creative highlight in the children's room. Order now and get creative.

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