Stickerella is brand new!

Dear Stickerella Family,

We love the world of stickers, name labels and clothing labels. For this reason, we have redesigned our website and added many new ideas to our products. The most important innovations include

  • Easier operation of the website
  • New sticker designs
  • New sticker colours, fonts and colours & new icons
  • Individually designable stickers within our sets
  • Brand new sticker editor for easier handling

Stickerella now gives you the opportunity to design each set exactly the way you and your little ones like it best.

We will be adding many new and exciting designs and images to our range in the near future.

Do you have any questions about our new website? Then feel free to contact us by phone at +41 56 462 82 82 or by email at .


Have fun designing and discovering with your Stickerella team


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Beautiful background colours

Creative fonts

Many colourful font colours

Countless new pictos